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Pavitra Foundation is always looking for volunteers to support the immense effort that is required to sanitize the water systems in our country. We understand that every little bit of support would help towards this objective and would like to reach out to individuals, regional groups, corporates, government institutions, and NGO’s to join the movement to protect mother nature. Please learn more as to how you maybe able to make a difference below.

Volunteer Details
I have agreed to Donate my Time & Energy to Volunteer for :
Cleaning my Rivers, Lakes, Ponds & Canals
[ I love Water & I know to Swim ]
Keeping away garbage & recycling Waste to Into Energy
[ I am ready to toil under the Sun, Rain or Storm ]
Participating  in Citizen and Corporate Awareness and to Generate Donations
[ I possess convincing power with a smile ]


I hereby take the Pavitra Pledge to  respect Mother Nature with all my strength. As a Custodian of Mother Nature, I Promise to take care of her Precious Blessings  of Rivers, Lakes, Ponds, Canals, Trees and all that she has Given us to Enjoy
Terms & Conditions
  • I have chosen to participate in the Pavitra Foundation Programme on my Own Free Will and I absolve the Foundation of any consequences as a result of this Choice.
  • I am aware of the condition of the Rivers, lakes, Ponds and Canals & I will not hold the Foundation responsible for any health or related issues.
  • I undertake not to go against the Foundation’ s Code of Conduct or to circulate any information of the Location, Equipment or Technology without the express permission  of the Foundation.
  • I have understood my role as a Volunteer in the Foundation and the responsibilities that I must carry and I will not misuse the trust and faith given to me by the Foundation.

PAVITRA’s PARTICIPATING PROGRAMMES Please select an option from below

Adopt a River
In our regular updates, we will announce the River locations that we have taken up as a cause and you can adopt a River by extending your shoulders of support &  sparing your time and your money. You will be kept informed of the progress and the use of your contribution & showing the results of your volunteer efforts
Embrace a Lake
Your Warm Embrace will make all the difference to bring the Lake Back to Life. Simply come forward with Open Arms to surround the Lake with your unconditional love. Be a part of her revival and help us to fill her heart with the Pristine Water that she was born with
Recreate a Pond
Count your Blessings by Recreating a Pond and re energising the Faith that surrounds this valuable Water Body. Built on a Foundation of Spirituality these Ponds need your help and care. Worshipped before, some for over 500 years ago, your effort & contribution will go a long way to keep our Faith alive!
Release a Canal
All you have to do is Untie the Knot of Pollution that strangulates the Flow in the Canals. After all they were built for the Purpose of carrying and releasing our Excess Water into our Rivers which finally ends up in the Sea. Releasing a Canal from the shackles of Garbage, Sewage and Industrial Affluents would result in a Free Flow that would provide Good Health and avoid Flooding during Monsoons

I am a Lake Lover

Tell us about Rivers/ Lakes/ Ponds and Canals in your CITY/ TOWN/ VILLAGE and upload your Photos / Videos too !

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Once upon a time, I was a lake
& I never lived happily ever after

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