Pavitra Mission

This mission is dedicated to our children and their children’s children.
And Here begins a “R.I.V.E.R.L.U.T.I.O.N“

A "Movement" built on a foundation of determination with a promise to grab the alarming situation
of our dying rivers & lakes in our hands instead of playing the blame game and
doing sweet nothing about it.

Thank You for visiting Pavitra Foundation. Org which I hope drives home the message of the calamity that is knocking on our door!

As a natural extension of the cure, Pavitra Foundation applies a holistic approach by stopping the ongoing abuse before attempting to restore the water body and then applies alternatives that are designed in such a way that raw sewage and waste water is treated and waste management systems are put in place. The guilty contaminators are demolished and the road to recovery for the River, Lake, Pond or Canal is well within reach of "Rebuilding & Repair".

Pavitra Foundation welcomes volunteer participation and generous donations, however small,  but meaningful enough to help in achieving our goals.

We citizens & corporates must work shoulder to shoulder with our government by making community efforts to bring our precious water bodies back to life & save them from extinction.

A gigantic task indeed but as they say, nothing is impossible and nothing is stronger then
a human’s will power!

Our panel of consultants and contractors own world class equipment including amphibious excavators and other tailor made machine with proven track records. New technologies and expertise makes our mission easier but not complete without your involvement in many more ways then one!

You are specially invited to play a role in this mission in the best way that you can – & by helping Pavitra Foundation we can restore our Rivers, Lakes, Ponds & Canals to
their Original pristine & pavitra purity!

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Our Lifeline

Our Rivers, Lakes, Ponds and Canals are the nerve systems of our ecology & our long term survival depends on them. They are a source of inspiration & the foundation of our economic development.

So let’s protect them. Value them & keep them clean for they will Water our Farms, Quench our Thirst and keep us alive for now and forever!




Mother River

She cradles us, loves us & feeds us. Her blood flows in our hearts & she watches over us to ensure that we are well nourished and protected against hunger & drought. Her water is worshipped and used to cleanse our souls. Mother rivers are forever caring and forgiving!

So Let’s love her, respect her and treat her just like we treat our own mother for she surrounds us with a gentle flow of
her Unconditional love for life and beyond!


A Water Bank

Every lake, however old or however small, was born with crystal clear pristine waters, even drinkable. Glistening in the sunshine and reflecting the moonshine in her brightest light providing Peace for all. A Lake with a bellyful of clean water gives us a bellyful of drinking water.

So let’s embrace them & keep them clean for we can depend on them for our survival by preserving them and passing on these treasures in the same clean condition that they were given to us by our forefathers.




Sacred & Blessed

Years before, water springs from mother earth created ponds & places of worship were built around them. This is the spiritual importance of a pond where prayers & festive offering provides the Soul with the power of faith deep within. However small, a Pond Stands Tall in our everyday Life and helps us to connect with our prayers and meditate beyond imagination.

We must restore our precious ponds as a dedication to our faith. Let’s not forsake them for every drop of their water purifies our hearts and our souls.

CANALS of Value

Driver of Nature

Canals are like veins & arteries built to carry free flowing  waste water that overflows from our water bodies. They are meant to control flooding and keep us safe from drowning and destruction. They run through the length and breadth our cities, towns and villages finding their way through a web of complexed routes finally reaching various outlets from where they
discharge our excess water safely.

So let’s keep canals free from garbage, raw Sewage, debris and sludge for they will do their duty to free flow without getting Choked!





Rivers Abused. Lakes Perished.

Over the years, India's valuable Rivers, Lakes, and Ponds were forced to digest our sewage, our waste & our garbage. A cocktail mix of toxic sludge and raw sewage took over our water bodies covering them with green blankets of poisonous hyacinth, weeds & algae, sucking away all the oxygen that our rivers, lakes and ponds were born with. As a result, their waters stood still & turned Black eventually suffocating them to face a painful end!

Fish have died, aquatic plants have been destroyed making our water bodies into breeding grounds for water borne disease’s causing severe illness’s even death to our fellow citizens through epidemics.


A Big Shame !

We are so particular about what we eat but we don’t bother where our own waste goes. We operate industries without caring where our industrial waste & effluents are disposed. We construct buildings and renovate our homes but we don’t ensure that the debris is discarded as per the rules of the municipalties. We simply turn away from the calamity and pass the buck to each other. Citizens blame the government, the government blames the violators & we conveniently ignore the root cause of the abuse allowing the guilty contaminators to continue damaging our treasured water bodies day in and day out without blinking an eyelid.

Enough of helplessness & blame game. Enough of Blah Blah with no action. The time has come for us citizens, corporates and authorities to work together & undo the damage on a war footing





For Killing Mother Nature!

First ask mother nature to forgive us. Ask her where she is hurt & where is the pain. Give her the cure, save her and bring her back to life for she gives us birth and she is the reason for us our existence.

Share our mother’s pain and bring her back to good health. After all, she fed us milk but we feed her with our poisonous doses of contamination. 



Repair. Rebuild

Through the initiatives of Pavitra Foundation, you can join the Riverlution. A movement sworn to face every obstacle and cross every hurdle to save our precious water bodies from dissapearing. You can adopt a River, Embrace a Lake, Make Friends with a Pond and Release a Canal from their shackles of misery by implementing effective programmes. Become a part of our tribe determined to bring back the Glory of India’s Rivers, Lakes, Ponds and Canals.

Revolt against the negative forces & against the ones who treat our rivers as gutters and our lakes as their dump yards. Fight against them who say that it cannot be done and show them that we can make our.
Mighty Water Bodies Pavitra Pure again!





If there is a WILL, there WILL be WATER

Every day, every hour & every minute that we talk about the disgusting condition of our water bodies, millions of litres of raw sewage pours in without any signs of stoppage. Garbage and Debris are thrown in without a care. Human Waste, the best fertiliser ever, combines itself with the toxic sludge that has accumulated on the River/Lake bed over the years produces Hyacinth, Algae, Grass & Weeds which in turn sucks away the oxygen from the water leaving it for Dead.

In a natural process, The thick sludge leads to creation of land mass which solidifies further resulting in reclaimed land on the River / Lake. The water turns lifeless & black and starts emitting a bad odour killing all Biological Life that lives and breeds in the water body. Fishes, Turtles, Water Snakes, Lobsters, Crabs and Ducks perish. Migratory Birds stop visiting the Lakes leaving the Water Body to Rot, die and vanish into Extinction.

The faster we move, the more we do to clean up our Act


The First Step

Before thinking of cleaning a River, Lake, Pond or Canal, we must arrest the on-going contamination by creating Alternatives. Our teams will map the inhabitants on the River Banks, the Lake Shore as well as mark the Industries/Houses that line the Ponds and Canals. The Source of the waste water & sewage will be identified and diverted to our Mini/Floating sewage & effluent treatment plants for instant cure at the point of discharge. waste management as in waste collection, sorting, recycling and ultimate disposal will put a stop to the present habit of throwing all these pollutants in the water body. Industrial waste will be collected from the factories and taken to designated areas for further treatment and processing.

The public at large will be made aware of our mission so as to bring about a behavioural change in their way they dispose their waste and their attitude towards our precious waters. In fact, the alternatives that we offer will provide them with a clean environment, good health & clean water but If we don’t provide the citizens and the industries with alternatives, we cannot sit back & assume that the repair process "will take care of itself".

Let’s take Baby’s step by providing alternatives & then apply solutions.


- Rivers Restored
- Lakes Reborn
- Ponds Alive
- Canals Freed

Holistic Solutions

End to End Applications

Pavitra Foundation is supported by a carefully chosen panel of experts, service providers & sub contractors who are experienced and knowledgeable in every aspect of cleaning and restoring water bodies backed by world class technologies and equipment with proven track records. Every water body is closely inspected and surveyed to ascertain the disease and apply the cure.

With experienced environmental Engineers, Water Technologists, Botanists, Hydrographers, Civil Engineers & Architects are capable to design end to end solutions. Combined with a dedicated work force. After we stop the infestation of contaminants, we remove all the Floating Hyacinth, Weeds, Grass, Garbage and Waste Material after which we excavate and dredge out the toxic sludge to create depth without damaging the ecological structure of the water body. The fresh hyacinth can be used to produce bio gas and the dried hyacinth can be used to make compost likewise.

The toxic sludge that is removed from the River / Lake bed is infused with fertilisers, strengthened with jute and bamboo so that water friendly plants as in vetiver can be grown. We will nourish the River Bank & the Lake Shore in a natural way so as to maintain the eco sensitive relationship between "the Water and the Soil" After the physicals are done in it’s totality, we will treat the Water to improve it’s Quality and recreate biological life once again.


Listen to What Our Rivers, Lakes,
Ponds and Canals have to say!

A Letter from the Lakes of India


Water is Life

River by Ananda Shankar

Sunday on a River

Ma Ganga

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