• Can Raw Sewage be actually diverted from Households and Slums to a Sewage Treatment Plant without massive changes in Pipelines and Re Construction costing Millions ?
  • Can we really afford to set up More Sewage Plants that will ultimately underperform & fail to Treat Sewage and Waste Water ? 
  • Can we change the way the Common Man passes Motion extending to Open Defecation on the River Banks & the Lake Shore  ? 
  • Can we educate the General Public to realize the Importance of our Rivers and Lakes so that they Stop their reckless acts of using them as Dumping Grounds ?
  • Can we redirect the Traditions and Religious Sentiments whereby Offerings such as Idols / Flowers and other Objects are immersed in Rivers & Lakes or remove them immediately ?
  • Can we change the lack of Civic Sense and the lack of Hygiene Concerns within the Educated down to  the Lower Strata of our Society ?
  • Can we stop the Land Sharks , Unofficial Reclamation, Destruction of Mangroves & Illegal Dredging of Sand ? 
  • Can we curb Water Borne Diseases , Save our Children and Provide Clean Water for our Generations to come ? 
  • Can we reply to the Children of Today, the Citizens of Tomorrow as to WHY we Elders did not address the Problem or take Measures to Save our Country ’s  River & Lake Treasures ?
  • Can we redefine & streamline  alternatives to dispose waste and begin the Process of Repair of our Dying Rivers, Lakes, Ponds and Canals ?
  • Can we undo the damage by using old, primitive ways to clean a Water Body just for Cosmetic Surgery and Visibility without bothering about the Quality of the Water ?

Shake the lake &
bring her back to her glory

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