Re-Birth of Alahalli Lake


Pavitra Foundation, true to its name, is bringing sanctity back to water across India. I am moved by the passion with which they are pursuing their mission of reviving water bodies.

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To Restore Respect for India’s Majestic Rivers, Lakes, Ponds and Canals by Cleaning them & Recreating Good Quality Water for the welfare of the citizens of India and their Generations to come!

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Our Pavitra Mission

What was a passion,
has now
become an Obsession!
This mission is dedicated to our children and their children’s children. And Here begins a "R.I.V.E.R.L.U.T.I.O.N"

A "Movement" built on a foundation of determination with a promise to grab the alarming situation of our dying rivers & lakes in our hands instead of playing the blame game and doing sweet nothing about it.
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Pavitra Foundation, 14/16, Surat Street,
Masjid (East) Mumbai - 400009
Tel : 91 22 4212 0515
+91-9821240185 “Bengaluru Lakes are Burning, Foaming & Strangulated”    HELP !!
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